Time Wasters

Recently, I have had a lot of Time Wasters, guys who have no intention what’s so ever off meeting you. Some of those time wasters can hit you financially, through a wasted cost of travel, loss of earnings etc.

It can be frustrating, especially if your an Escort who commits himself to his booked jobs, and turns jobs away to meet those guys that have already made arrangements with you.

There are off cause guys who re-arrange a meet for various personal reasons and it’s always appreciative when notice is given. Before I start traveling is a good start.

So thank you to the guys that do 😛

So why do guys waste your time?

I guess it’s fantasy versus reality, these guys like the idea of being with you but either lack the courage or financial means to follow through. Some guys just want it for free and other guys just like the dirty talk.

Personally, I Escort because I dislike dating. So when a guy hits on me through an Escort site (as though they are gonna date me) and uses it as an alternative to grindr, really does drain on me.

Escorts sites are not dating sites, we are offering guys NSA meets. Whether that be to meet your fantasy, a night of passion or a b/f night.

So tell us your name, what you want, when you want it, where you want it and for how long. Most of us Escorts provide lots of details about our stats online and I personally update photos weekly. What you see online is what your gonna get.

I am happy to provide an extra photo if asked, but I have no time to constantly exchange messages and photos. Thats wasting my time, because I’m not a profile on grindr, I’m an Escort who is busy meeting genuine clients.

Once you are a client, I meet your needs much further. Many of my genuine clients have become friends and many I keep in contact with weekly. One of my clients asks for regular photo’s which is cool with me. As we have both established a trusted level of business, and I know what he likes. Another client I meet sociably as friends, we buy each other drinks and share a moment of friendship.

Friendship is good, Sex is even better but time wasters need to whip out their cocks turn on pornhub have a wank unload your frustration and leave those who want an Escort to the real men.

Men for Hire


Escorts, Strippers, Porn Stars, Burlesque, Lap Dancers, Erotic Model’s all belong within the same Niche of offering yourself too other’s for their enjoyment.

Let’s face it, sex sells.

Sex has always sold, and there is only a small percentage of people who can honestly say they have not been a part of it in someway.

Hiring a Stripper, watching a Strip tease, watching a porn movie, paying for an Escort, the list goes on.

Most of us have played a part in the sex industry in one way or another.

The good things is, the world is moving forward and the internet has helped a great deal in doing so.

The unacceptable things of old are now accepted across all spheres of the society. Old things that were frowned upon by the older generation are gradually being phased back into the society.

As a society, we are now more open to our primal instincts as a human. What once made us uncomfortable and found difficult to understand was often shunned by society.


Lately, the new millennials are reversing this trend, and we are making up our own rules as we go.

It has not made us more socially degenerate, rather it has brought out our true selves and acceptance is in vogue. People are not afraid anymore to do what they really want.

Embrace your Sexuality, Embrace Sex.

Enjoy life and Enjoy yourselves.